• Brendon Elliott

Husband, Father, Mentor, Expert PGA Professional

PGA Professional Brendon Elliott is a multiple award-winning coach and educator. He is considered by his peers as one of the premier youth coaches in the game and he is also a very astute businessman, entrepreneur and writer.

PGA National Youth Player Development Award

In 2017, Elliott won the PGA of America’s highest honor in the area of youth player development. The PGA’s National Youth Player Development Award gives special recognition to a PGA Professional who has displayed extraordinary and exemplary contribution and achievement in youth player development.

“Brendon has been a guiding force in bringing golf to children at an early age. Through his dedication and commitment, many children not only learn the skills needed for a lifetime of enjoyment through golf, but they are also taught many valuable life lessons.”

~ Gary Player

The cornerstone of Elliott’s early efforts in youth player development focused on engaging kids as young as three. This is an age that Brendon feels is a typical starting point for other sports to begin to gain the attention of kids. Historically that has not been the case in golf.

Elliott created Little Linksters in 2008 to start to introduce the game to ages 3-8 within Central Florida and beyond. Over the years, his efforts have been recognized through numerous awards, as well as his being sought out to speak at various events, on national radio shows, appearing on Golf Channel and being showcased in national golf publications.

Recently, Elliott has expanded his efforts beyond the younger ages and has included programming for ages 9-12 and 13-18. At the cornerstone of Elliott’s teaching philosophy is the idea of always leading with fun at the core, regardless of what level player a junior may be.

More than just a Youth Golf Champion and Coach… Elliott has also been noted as one of the top minds in the game concerning areas of Golf Club Operations, Golf Career Development, Mentoring and Education.

As a former 13-year Golf Professional and General Manager at the popular Winter Park Golf Course in Winter Park, FL, and an Educator and Director of Career Development at the Golf Academy of America campus in Orlando, FL for 7 years, Elliott has shown a very deep and broad understanding of the industry and what it takes to be successful.

Personal Mission

“I’m a constant work in progress who has a desire to help others—particularly youth—love the game as much as I do. Whether it’s playing for recreation or competition, looking to work in the field, or simply talking shop about the greatest game in the world, I love being able to share my 25-plus years of experience to help enhance others’ personal experience within the game.”

~ Brendon R. Elliott, PGA

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The Key to Playing Great Golf…No Matter What Level

Without question, golf is one of the most difficult sports there is to achieve higher levels of success. What I propose to you and have proposed to countless students over the years as being one of the biggest secrets to success and playing good golf is quiet simply to HAVE FUN! Keeping fun at the forefront, no matter what level a player is, happens to be one of the key cornerstones of my teaching.

Since 2015, the JSFF has contributed more than $100,000 to Little Linksters and their efforts in growing the game

Impacting Golf on a Global Stage

“The Jordan Spieth Family Foundation is proud to support your initiatives of expanding the accessibility of youth golf through the sponsorship of your Little Linksters GOALS program. The Foundation was founded in part to support Special Needs Youth and Junior Golf, and your organization is playing a key role in unifying the game of golf for these special young athletes. Thank you for investing in the educational, social and athletic pursuits of these special kids and growing the game through inclusion and education.”

Jordan Spieth
Top-Ranked PGA Tour Professional

Q&A with Brendon

  • How Long Have you Been Working in Golf?

    My first job, when I was 15 years old, was at the Canasawacta Country Club in my hometown of Norwich, NY. Some 31 years later, working in golf is all I have ever done…

  • What Other Interests Do You Have Besides Golf?

    I love Basketball, NBA and NCAA, but don’t get to watch it as much as I would like. I enjoy watching movies with my family, particularly scary ones. I’m a paranormal nerd, and enjoy watching TV shows and documentaries on that topic. I love me some 80’s and 90’s Hip Hop and R&B music too 🙂

  • Do You Have a Family of Your Own?

    I do indeed. I married my wife Melisa on July 15th 2000. We have two children, Lexie, who was born in 2005, and Austin, who was born in 2009. We also have two fur-babies, Luna and Buddy.

  • Who Are Your Favorite Golfers?

    I am a big Tiger fan, as well as Jack Nicklaus…Co-GOATS in my book. I really admire Jordan Spieth, especially with as generous as he has been to Little Linksters through his foundation. I like Rory, Rickie, Bryson, Tony Finau and many of the younger generation of players. Big Annika fan and also root for In Bee Park, Lydia Ko, and Lexie Thompson.

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