Hit the Golf Ball Where You Want

You CAN hit the golf ball where you want! This may sound too good to be true for many of you, but you can indeed start hitting the golf ball where you want, and more frequently, provided you have an understanding of what controls where the ball goes, and then continue to work on these points in practice.

Power Up Your Golf Swing

It’s fair to say that one of the most common things on most golfers wish lists is learning how to gain more power and ultimately, be able to hit the ball farther. To accomplish this, it is important golfers first understand some of the key factors and swing concepts that influence the ability to hit the ball farther.

Expanding Your Understanding of Pitching

The idea of a pitch is to execute a shot that has more rise over run, meaning the ball will be in the air more than it is on the putting surface, rolling out to your target. A pitch will require a much bigger and fuller controlled swing than is required with a chip… and because of this, there is more a chance for error in executing a pitch.

Love of the Links Golf Radio, Season 4, Episode 3 – Dottie Pepper

In episode 3 of season 4, we had the distinct pleasure of chatting with the great Dottie Pepper. LPGA Tour star, Broadcaster, Analyst, Author, former PGA Board Member, Entrepreneur...there isn't a lot that Dottie hasn't done within golf.

The Dynamics of Chipping

The idea of a chip is to execute a shot that has more run than rise, meaning it gets on the ground quickly and rolls out to your target. In general, getting the ball on the ground and rolling, similar to what a putt would do, will allow you to control the distance a little bit more.

Learn to Become a Hot Putter During the Cold of Winter

There are basically two areas in putting where people struggle: The direction their putt goes, and the distance it travels. In both these areas, there is one common thing that gets out of whack for most golfers and that’s not having good control of the clubface.

Back to the Basics: Strike a Pose in the Mirror to Improve Your Putting

With shorter days now here and winter’s cold breezes on the horizon, a large portion of the country is saying good night to the golf season. This doesn’t mean that your goals of getting better and the work you put in needs to stop. There is plenty that can be done, right in the comfort of your own home, to help keep you progressing on your journey to better.

Love of the Links Golf Radio, Season 4, Episode 2 – Deb and Erica Bennett, Founders of ORCA Golf

Love of the Links was very excited to have Deb and Erica Bennett, Founders of ORCA Golf, on the show this past week for our second installment of season 4.

Parent’s Guide: Part 8- Parent’s Guide: Without Trust, All Else Fails

Parents will often choose to bring on a PGA Coach for their junior golfer to help navigate the process of learning and improvement. Once this decision is made, a bond of Trust must be formed in order for the coach-student, student-coach and parent and coach relationships to work.

Parent’s Guide: Part 7- Parent’s Guide: Hard Work & Fun Should Go Hand in Hand

While the concepts of “hard work” and “fun” don’t usually go hand in hand for most, inevitably, this combination tends to become a secret sauce of sorts, in helping young golfers get to the next level.

Parent’s Guide: Part 6- Golf Should Never Define Who Your Child is as a Person

’m sure that this happens in other concentrations for young people…music, art, other sports, or even the quest for a 4.0 GPA. In any circumstance, a pre-teen or teenager needs to understand completely that golf, or whatever their chosen passion is, does not define them as a person…and never should.

Love of the Links Golf Radio, Season 4, Episode 1- Rob Oppenheim

Thrilled to kick off Season 4 with one of the nicest guys in Professional Golf, PGA Tour Journeyman, Rob Oppenheim. We talk about his youth golf days in Massachusetts, his early success in the amateur and college ranks, and life on the PGA Tour, and other Professional Tours...Its pretty clear...this guy really, really loves the game!

Parent’s Guide: Part 5- Being Okay with Defeat, Failure & Bad Play

Golfers, and young golfers in particular, as well as their parents, need to understand that winning in golf should never be something that defines success.

Parent’s Guide: Part 4- Being Mindful of the Mental and Emotional Side of the Game

In golf, mental and emotional skill development is just as, if not more, important than the development of technical skills.

Parent’s Guide: Part 3- Helping Your Child Build a Plan and Set Goals

As your young golfer moves through their development under the guidance of a PGA Coach it is imperative to understand some of the key factors that lead to long-term success.

Parent’s Guide: Part 2- Understanding the Process of Working with a PGA Coach

Finding the right PGA Coach is critical for the development of your young golfer.

Parent’s Guide: Part 1- Start with a Realistic Assessment of Your Child’s Game

If you have a child that is showing a great deal of promise and you are thinking about, or they are asking you about, competing, I would suggest to you the following…

Analyze Your Game and Tell the Story Beyond the Scorecard

The story beyond the scorecard. Learn to start analyzing your game to see how you can become better...

The Secret to Success Part 1

Harold Varner III, Dustin Johnson & Peter Jacobsen share their thoughts on why FUN should always be number 1 when you tee it up.

Steph Curry Identifies the Parallels of Success in Golf and Basketball

In what was a fascinating interview with Rich Learner the Friday of Ryder Cup week on the Golf Channel, Steph Curry talked about some of the things that he sees as parallels between a high-level golfer and a basketball player.

Ride the Wave: The Keys to Maintaining Momentum

Is there a trick to riding momentum for the positive when you are in the early stages of gaining it? Conversely, is there a way to break out of bad Mo when it starts rolling that way?

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