Operation 36: Helping Beginners Find a Love for the Game for Life

Over the years, there have been a multitude of approaches that golf instructors and coaches have taken to teach the game to those looking to learn it or improve at it. One approach that has become widely accepted, adopted, and admired over the last few years is the Operation 36 model.

The Impact of PGA HOPE

PGA HOPE is the flagship military program of PGA REACH. The charitable foundation of the PGA of America, PGA REACH, has a mission to positively impact the lives of youth, military, and diverse populations by enabling access to PGA Professionals, PGA Sections, and the game of golf. The mission of PGA HOPE is to introduce golf to Veterans and Active Duty Military in order to enhance their physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being.

A Lifelong Journey in the Game: Brendon Elliott, PGA

I have been blessed to have made a career in the game, and to have reached my goal of becoming a PGA Member many years ago. To be able to pass this on to others, that may have an interest in doing the same, has not only been fulfilling but something that I feel obligated to do… both for those that may want to pursue it, and for the industry itself as well.

Transforming Lives Through Golf

“Seeing the results of what PGA HOPE, PGA Jr League, and our after-school junior program had, and the impact it made on individuals, inspired us to continue this journey in hopes to gain more local community support to help shape the lives of those most in need.”

Rob Labritz, PGA, is Ready for the Future

Like all PGA Professionals know when working at the club level, the job leaves little room to concentrate on your own game. Somehow, Rob has managed to keep his game sharp. He has won countless professional events over his 20+ year career.

Golf Runs in the Family: The Thomas’s, Revisited

With Southern Hills as the backdrop for the 104th PGA Championship, and a wild week of weather, that saw a 50 degree-plus temperature swing, Justin Thomas accomplished the improbable and won his second Wanamaker Trophy. His father and PGA Coach, Mike Thomas, was there every step of the way.

#TeamOf20 Spotlight – One Final Goal for Michael Block

Michael says he truly has been blessed. He set a lot of goals throughout his career and has been fortunate to have checked off nearly all of them. There is one goal, however, yet to be accomplished… and it’s what keeps him motivated and inspired as he continues through his PGA journey. “I only have one more to check off, and that is to be the low club professional in the PGA Championship!”

Jennifer Borocz’s Winding Path to the PGA Professional Championship

Jennifer Borocz first started playing golf around the age of 10. She was a multi-sport athlete growing up and didn’t start playing until her dad picked the game up himself. As a multi-sport athlete, Jennifer was more focused on her other sports including basketball and softball.

David Damesworth’s Journey From Youth Caddie to PGA Professional

PGA Member David Damesworth first started hitting golf balls and getting interested in the game at age 12, a little older than many kids that make their way into the industry. Like many, he started as a caddie, cutting his teeth at Plum Hollow Country Club in Southfield Michigan.

Carrying on A Family Golf Legacy: The Baldassari’s

Like many in the golf industry, I have the distinct honor of calling Bob Baldassari a friend. Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting him knows what I mean when I say he's a Pro’s Pro. He is a polished PGA Professional and that I consider the prototype of what it means to be one. However, he is also very forward thinking, and at times, an outside the box thinker, always trying to improve the image of the PGA member and the game itself.

Golf is in the Genes: The Thomas Family

In a way, Justin Thomas was born to be on the golf course...I recently had the pleasure of catching up with Mike Thomas to talk about the impact that the game has had on his life and family. “My dad was a club pro, so golf is something I have always been around. Growing up, I would play some with my parents, club members and my brothers” Mike said.

Golf Runs in the Family: The Bradley’s

In golf, if we keep thinking about a mistake we made on a previous hole, or project how our score will turn out at the end of the round, our minds become filled with images of the past or future. It’s as if we’re daydreaming. Lacking mindfulness of the task at hand leads to poor decision-making before the shot and distracts us while we’re swinging.

More on the Man Who Made The Ace on No 16: Sam Ryder’s Journey Exemplifies Hard Work

With his ace on No. 16 at the Waste Management on Saturday, on one of the wildest stages in the game, Sam Ryder had a highlight that will be played over and over for many years to come. Sam’s back story is one that I also tell over and over again to the high school players that I coach. Ryder is what people would label a grinder. He found success a little later than other young golfers coming up. He has had an internal belief in his ability and has just continued to put his head down and put in the work.

Gamify Your Short Game Practice

Making practice an activity that is fun, and challenging is the main reason golf coaches encourage playing practice games, instead of pounding golf balls aimlessly on the driving range. One of the benefits of gamification is that it provides feedback on performance in a positive and educational format. This Ten Hole Scoring Ability Game does just that…

Putting Practice Games That Lead to Big Gains: Part 2

Recently, I shared two great putting games that my good friend and fellow PGA Professional, Casey Bourque shared with me. In this post, I share one more great game you can use to spice up your putting practice..

Putting Games that Lead to Big Gains: Part 1

Playing good golf never happens by accident. There are countless things that go into being able to post a great score on the card. Many times, golfers tend to forget some of the little things…things that at the end of the day could be attributed to a stroke or two added to that final total.

Love of the Links Golf Radio, Season 4, Episode 1- Rob Oppenheim

Thrilled to kick off Season 4 with one of the nicest guys in Professional Golf, PGA Tour Journeyman, Rob Oppenheim. We talk about his youth golf days in Massachusetts, his early success in the amateur and college ranks, and life on the PGA Tour, and other Professional Tours...Its pretty clear...this guy really, really loves the game!