One Thing the Average Golfer Can Take Away from Maja Stark’s Incredible Sunday

It is important to strive to hit the ball better, and with that, hit more greens in regulation. However, the reality is that the vast majority of golfers will never have enough time carved out of their busy schedules to put in the practice necessary to reach the levels they wish to achieve. So don't get frustrated with your game. Perspective is everything, especially when time is limited for most of us to improve our individual play.

Minjee Lee: Ball Striking Genius

It surely doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that solid ball striking comes from solid fundamentals. However, as I work with my students and watch other amateur golfers practice, I see countless, recurring deficiencies with their pre-swing and in swing fundamentals. There are some basics from Minjee that you can copy and adapt to your own game.

Play to Your Strengths and Accept Your Weaknesses

John Rahm is as consistent as he is because he has complete control of the clubface. His backswing is short, which is a hallmark for consistent ball strikers, and his unorthodox move in setting the club at the top, and how he transitions down from there, allows him to keep the ball in front of him and in play the majority of the time.

Breaking Records: Take Notes from Jin Young Ko

I feel that most golfers will benefit greatly by focusing on those things that make the best LPGA Tour golfers in the world, like Jin Young Ko, the incredible players that they are…and that is learning to swing within themselves with an eye on proper technique.

On Tough Days Focus on Some Classic Tips from The King

I’ve been lucky enough to play Bay Hill on 10 occasions. One of the things that has always struck me with the layout are the number of holes that you really need to be cognizant of the lines you choose to hit your drives and approach shots on. Add wind into the mix, like we saw on Saturday, and you’ll need to be even more careful. With those two situations in mind, a strategically demanding course, and windy conditions, I would suggest these two classic tips, that came from the King himself, Arnold Palmer…

Create Distance Through Conditioning

Golfers are obsessed with distance. Everyone wants to know how to hit the ball further. Some of the best ways to train yourself to hit the ball further is by working on and honing your primary fundamentals, such as posture, grip, and alignment, as well as creating a good understanding of what a sound golf swing should look like. This can all be accomplished by taking professional instruction from a PGA Coach. Another component to hitting the ball further is being able to learn how to increase the speed at which you swing the club. This is much easier said than done. For this, the combination of working with a PGA Coach, as well as a golf specific fitness coach, can help you in reaching your speed goals.

The Tiger Effect: How to Hit It Pure, Far & Consistent

30 years after his PGA Tour debut, soon to be Hall of Famer, Tiger Woods, is still the golfer that moves the needle in golf and is still the golfer that shines as an example of moving the golf ball with speed and power.

It’s Time to Dial in Your Distances

To me, one of the most fascinating things that PGA and LPGA Tour players do that most amateur golfers generally don’t do is make it a point to have a very, very precise knowledge of what distances they hit each club.

Assignment Alignment: Get Your Swing on the Right Track

Over the course of my career, one area that I have found myself working on continually with students, from beginners to advanced, is that of proper Alignment. If a golfer is aligned even a degree left or right of the intended target line with their clubface, or a degree left or right with their body line, they could find themselves off significantly with the final result of their shot.

Barriers to Getting Better: Range of Motion Deficiencies

There are countless reasons why the average golfer is unable to reach the heights they want to with their games. Lack of time to practice, or not taking lessons are both very common examples of this. From a physical perspective, many golfers lack sufficient range of motion.

Hit the Golf Ball Where You Want

You CAN hit the golf ball where you want! This may sound too good to be true for many of you, but you can indeed start hitting the golf ball where you want, and more frequently, provided you have an understanding of what controls where the ball goes, and then continue to work on these points in practice.

Power Up Your Golf Swing

It’s fair to say that one of the most common things on most golfers wish lists is learning how to gain more power and ultimately, be able to hit the ball farther. To accomplish this, it is important golfers first understand some of the key factors and swing concepts that influence the ability to hit the ball farther.