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Welcome to my new blog at! I could not be any more thrilled to have you here and allowing me to share my years of golf experiences with you as a fellow lover of the game!

What Will you Find on

I’m a constant work in progress that has one simple desire…to help others, particularly our youth, love the game of golf as much as I do. In whatever form they choose to consume it…Playing for recreation or competition, looking to work in the field, or simply talking shop about the greatest game in the world. I love nothing more than being able to share my 25+ years of experiences in the game to enhance others personal experience with it today.

Sharing my Insights and Experiences.

Within the blog section of my new site, I will be posting and sharing my insights and thoughts on a vast array of topics surrounding the game…and at times, topics outside of golf as well. From Coaching and Teaching to the Business side of the game, and on into the hottest topics in the News…nothing is off the table to discuss.

Using my 25+ Years of Experiences to help Enhance Your Experiences Today.

While Youth Player Development is at my core, I have 15 successful years of Golf Operations under my belt. Serving in such roles as an Outside Golf Operations Specialist, and Locker Room Manager at a high end Private Club, to an Assistant Golf Professional, Head Golf Professional and General Manager at a very busy public Municipal Course, I have seen a lot and have learned a lot

Mentoring, Leadership and Educating.

I became a member of the PGA of America in September of 2009. Prior to that I spent six years going through the PGA’s Apprentice Program. As soon as I became I member, I was ready to serve the Association. Below is a snapshot of my service to date…

  • Served as the Secretary, Vice President, President, and Honorary Past President of East Central Chapter in the NFPGA Section (2009-2015)
  • Served on the NFPGA Section Board (2009-2015)
  • Former Junior Golf Committee Chairman- NFPGA Section
  • Public Relations & Communications Committee- PGA of America (2010-2012 & 2012-2014)
  • Youth Player Development Committee- PGA of America (2012-2014)
  • National Awards Committee- PGA of America (2018-2019)

During these years, I not only had the great pleasure of serving the PGA, on a Chapter, Section and National level, but I also got the chance to learn from great mentors to me on how I too could help and mentor others. The idea of helping others achieve was born out of these influential years of my own professional development.

From the standpoint of Education, I fell into the role of an Educator with position I took on at both the Professional Golfers Career College and the Golf Academy of America. In my time at PGCC I taught Golf Psychology & Turf Management. When I was brought on as a PGA Academic Staff Instructor at the Golf Academy of America in 2012, I took on the role of teaching classes such as Understanding Golf Operations, Managing Golf Facility Operations, Principals of Golf Course Maintenance, Career Development and Tournament Golf Operations. In early 2017 and on through to the schools closing due to the parent company, Education Corporation of America going bankrupt in December of 2018, I was also the Director of Career Services. I ended my tenure in that role as the number 1 Director of Career Services, among all of ECA’s 70+ Career Colleges, in terms of Job Placement. I made it my mission years ago to become a great networker so that I could be able to connect people with each other. That served me well in that role. It was a shame it had to end.

Writing and Podcasting

I am a contracted contributing writer for and Golf Range Magazine, which falls under the PGA Magazine umbrella. I have grown very fond of being able to share my experience with other through my writing for both these outlets. You will also soon find me rekindling my writing relationship with GolfWRX later this fall. In addition, I, along with my great industry friends, Bob Baldassari, PGA and Andy Hydorn, toy around with a little podcasting. Season 4 of our Love of the Links Golf Radio Podcast will kick off in late October of this year.

A Coach at Heart

With all that I have had the honor and privilege of doing to this point in my career, I always seem to come back to my love of being called “Coach.” Its at my core and what I love most to do. When I started Little Linksters in 2008, it was for reasons of getting kids, much younger than was traditionally the introductory age in golf, to pick up a club. Prior to that, I was a high school Golf Coach that put together a fairly successful program. Today, with Linksters still going strong, thanks to having some great coaches under my wing, I have found myself personally getting back into running programming and coaching privately, kids ages 13 and up.

“In many ways, Brendon is a Central Florida Junior Golf Evangelist, promoting not only his very successful and well-respected Little Linksters Program but the importance of junior golf in general. I applaud Brendon for his hard work in growing his Little Linksters Program, however, what makes Brendon one of the best is the fact that he is the “Junior Golf Guy” in Central Florida.” 

Thomas J Lawrence Director, Chapters Relationships at The First Tee

Looking Forward to What’s to Come…

The launch of this website, and my blog, will allow me to get back to my roots, which is my desire to share with others. Hopefully, in doing so, I can help golfers learn more about the game and enjoy it a little bit more than they do today. I’m looking forward to what’s to come…

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