What You Need to Know to Keep Your Game Sharp at 50 and Beyond

For many golfers that have long had dreams of playing at the highest level, age 50 can mean a new beginning. I even hate to call it “Senior Golf” anymore as 50 no longer seems to be a marker of one’s game getting over the hill…quite the contrary in many cases.

What You Can Learn from the Game’s Best as they Make Final Tune-Up’s

What are the things the pros are focusing on during their prep, and what you can learn from it? Much like I spoke of back in April, at The Masters, each player has a unique and specific way that they lay out their practice schedule. In general terms however, we see many follow a playbook similar to below…

Getting Masters Ready: Watching and Learning from the Best

Nowhere else in golf do we see the pre-tournament prep players perform being highlighted more than we do at The Masters. From the best-in-class practice facility that Augusta National Golf Club boasts, to the magnificent par three course, to the coverage of an on-course practice round, The Masters is unlike any other event in giving us a glimpse inside what the best of the best routinely do on the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of a tournament week.

Be Like Scottie: Change Up Your Putting

Scheffler hasn’t always been the best putter, but for the past few months he has really focused on his tempo, and more specifically, in his transition from the end of his backstroke and into his forward stroke. The drill that has helped him become more confident in his putting is simple. He places a quarter on the back of his putter blade and tries to keep it there during his transition. If it falls off, he knows that he got a little too quick.

Breaking Through: Leona Maguire’s Keys to Success

This past weekend, Leona Maguire found her way into the winner’s circle for the first time in her LPGA Tour career, at the Drive On Championship. In doing so, she became the first woman from Ireland to win in the Tour’s history. I had the opportunity to chat with Leona about her win, got some insight on what she works on with her own game, and what she thinks you should concentrate on with yours…

Gamify Your Short Game Practice

Making practice an activity that is fun, and challenging is the main reason golf coaches encourage playing practice games, instead of pounding golf balls aimlessly on the driving range. One of the benefits of gamification is that it provides feedback on performance in a positive and educational format. This Ten Hole Scoring Ability Game does just that…

Range Session: Game Planning

Making your range sessions more interesting can certainly help in making what could otherwise become a boring session, into something more fun and useful in your journey towards improvement.

Practice Like the Pros

“Practice like you Play and Play like you Practice” is a common saying that floats around in the golf universe. The meaning behind this suggestion is basically to help golfers become more successful in transitioning from practice sessions, to playing the golf course.

Putting Practice Games That Lead to Big Gains: Part 2

Recently, I shared two great putting games that my good friend and fellow PGA Professional, Casey Bourque shared with me. In this post, I share one more great game you can use to spice up your putting practice..

Learning to Score Through On-Course Games

There is a major difference between the process of learning to become proficient in the various techniques required in golf and the process of learning to become a player that can produce low scores on the course.

Putting Games that Lead to Big Gains: Part 1

Playing good golf never happens by accident. There are countless things that go into being able to post a great score on the card. Many times, golfers tend to forget some of the little things…things that at the end of the day could be attributed to a stroke or two added to that final total.

It’s Time to Dial in Your Distances

To me, one of the most fascinating things that PGA and LPGA Tour players do that most amateur golfers generally don’t do is make it a point to have a very, very precise knowledge of what distances they hit each club.

Barriers to Getting Better: Range of Motion Deficiencies

There are countless reasons why the average golfer is unable to reach the heights they want to with their games. Lack of time to practice, or not taking lessons are both very common examples of this. From a physical perspective, many golfers lack sufficient range of motion.

Hit the Golf Ball Where You Want

You CAN hit the golf ball where you want! This may sound too good to be true for many of you, but you can indeed start hitting the golf ball where you want, and more frequently, provided you have an understanding of what controls where the ball goes, and then continue to work on these points in practice.

Learn to Become a Hot Putter During the Cold of Winter

There are basically two areas in putting where people struggle: The direction their putt goes, and the distance it travels. In both these areas, there is one common thing that gets out of whack for most golfers and that’s not having good control of the clubface.

Back to the Basics: Strike a Pose in the Mirror to Improve Your Putting

With shorter days now here and winter’s cold breezes on the horizon, a large portion of the country is saying good night to the golf season. This doesn’t mean that your goals of getting better and the work you put in needs to stop. There is plenty that can be done, right in the comfort of your own home, to help keep you progressing on your journey to better.