Fit Your Footwear to Your Game

Of all the items you wear when stepping out on the course to play a round of golf, your footwear is probably one of the most important. Whether you're playing a round on foot or by cart, it’s critical that your feet are comfortable.

Shift Your Strategy For Success Like Anirban Lahiri

Anirban Lahiri is the 322nd ranked player in the world and the leader heading into the fourth round of The PLAYERS Championship. In his 15 years as a playing professional, despite close calls, he has no wins on the PGA Tour. “I was hitting my irons horribly before this week,” said Lahiri in a post round chat with Todd Lewis. In asking Anirban, what he might equate his success so far this week to, Lewis got an answer that some may find interesting… “I changed my swing weight in my irons by 1 and ½.”

The Purpose and Benefits of a Golf Ball Fitting

There are countless ways to help improve one’s golf game that go far beyond just practicing or playing more. Taking professional lessons from a PGA Coach is one of the best ways to start to improve your game. Many golfers are familiar with the process of being fit for golf clubs and how this can help to put equipment in their hands that match the uniqueness of their golf swing, and ultimately, can help shave strokes off their score. However, far fewer are familiar with what constitutes a ball fitting or what the purpose of one is.

The Little Things We Tend to Forget

Playing good golf never happens by accident. There are countless things that go into being able to post a great score on the card. Many times, golfers tend to forget some of the little things…things that at the end of the day could be attributed to a stroke or two added to that final total.

How Your Sticks Affect Your Strokes

I had a chance recently to chat with my friend, and former student, Jonathan Ullivarri, Store Manager and Master Club Fitter at Club Champion in Orlando. I asked Jon about the influence of equipment on a golfer's performance.