Determined and Decisive: What Scheffler & Smith Have in Common

Scheffler and Smith have been phenomenal to watch the past few months. Both players are showing the same type of composure and mental toughness that the game's greats are known for. Much like a Tiger or Jack in their prime, Scheffler and Smith are both confident and decisive once a decision has been made on the shot to play.

3 Short Game Tips for Tackling Tough Greens

Augusta National affords us the opportunity each year to see the worlds best trying to maneuver their way around some of the trickiest green complexes in golf. Probably nowhere else do we get to see just how good the short game and putting is among the top players in golf. At the same time, it also exposes how the best can struggle just as much as we can on tricky greens. What can you take from watching the players in the field this week as they tackle the tricky and fast greens at Augusta National? The short answer is plenty.

Par Threes in Focus: How to Approach Them

Par threes present both a great opportunity for a birdie as well as an easy double bogey. How you approach them, from a strategic perspective, really makes all the difference in your success on them.

Prepping for a Test of Endurance: Augusta National Golf Club

With Tiger remarkably making his comeback this week (a feat that almost seemed impossible even a few short weeks ago) a lot has been made of the idea of his being prepared, physically, to make his way around the course for 72 holes. For many players, being prepared for this tough test is something that is weeks, and even months, in the making.

Getting Masters Ready: Watching and Learning from the Best

Nowhere else in golf do we see the pre-tournament prep players perform being highlighted more than we do at The Masters. From the best-in-class practice facility that Augusta National Golf Club boasts, to the magnificent par three course, to the coverage of an on-course practice round, The Masters is unlike any other event in giving us a glimpse inside what the best of the best routinely do on the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of a tournament week.

Practice Like The Pros: How Jennifer Kupcho Sealed the Deal

In what always seems to be the case, week in and week out, putting is what seals the deal for the professionals of the game. That was definitely the case for Kupcho. It is estimated that 40% of all the shots taken during the course of a round is with the flat stick. The putter is by far the one, single club in your bag that gets the most use. What do the Professionals Practice on the Green?

The Keys to Maintaining Positive Momentum

The lesson we saw from Atthaya in these moments was her ability to gather herself and keep the good outcomes coming. Part of honing that ability to gather yourself after a slight trip up, during an otherwise good stretch, is to recognize that moments like that will indeed happen.

Be Like Scottie: Change Up Your Putting

Scheffler hasn’t always been the best putter, but for the past few months he has really focused on his tempo, and more specifically, in his transition from the end of his backstroke and into his forward stroke. The drill that has helped him become more confident in his putting is simple. He places a quarter on the back of his putter blade and tries to keep it there during his transition. If it falls off, he knows that he got a little too quick.

A Key Pro Putting Stat You Can Achieve (With Practice)

That 30-putt stat for an 18-hole round is absolutely something most amateurs can achieve with a little work. In addition to putting in the practice time with the flat stick, how you pay attention and manage your putting game during a round is also key.

Shift Your Strategy For Success Like Anirban Lahiri

Anirban Lahiri is the 322nd ranked player in the world and the leader heading into the fourth round of The PLAYERS Championship. In his 15 years as a playing professional, despite close calls, he has no wins on the PGA Tour. “I was hitting my irons horribly before this week,” said Lahiri in a post round chat with Todd Lewis. In asking Anirban, what he might equate his success so far this week to, Lewis got an answer that some may find interesting… “I changed my swing weight in my irons by 1 and ½.”

Find Your Flow in Each Round

Every round is unique, and every round has its own flow. The difference between a great score, good score, or poor score is how you manage the flow of that round. Several factors come into play and are required for you to own the flow of your round, and most of those have to do with shots on and around the green.

Breaking Records: Take Notes from Jin Young Ko

I feel that most golfers will benefit greatly by focusing on those things that make the best LPGA Tour golfers in the world, like Jin Young Ko, the incredible players that they are…and that is learning to swing within themselves with an eye on proper technique.

On Tough Days Focus on Some Classic Tips from The King

I’ve been lucky enough to play Bay Hill on 10 occasions. One of the things that has always struck me with the layout are the number of holes that you really need to be cognizant of the lines you choose to hit your drives and approach shots on. Add wind into the mix, like we saw on Saturday, and you’ll need to be even more careful. With those two situations in mind, a strategically demanding course, and windy conditions, I would suggest these two classic tips, that came from the King himself, Arnold Palmer…

Practicing Mindfulness in Golf

In golf, if we keep thinking about a mistake we made on a previous hole, or project how our score will turn out at the end of the round, our minds become filled with images of the past or future. It’s as if we’re daydreaming. Lacking mindfulness of the task at hand leads to poor decision-making before the shot and distracts us while we’re swinging.

How to Tackle a Tough Course: A Strong Mentality

Shane Lowry, like others that tend to play hard courses well, usually equate that success to mindset. “You gotta take both the good breaks and those bad breaks on the chin and just move on…just shot the best score you can” Lowry said in a post 3rd round interview. With Shane’s thoughts in mind, I wanted to give you a few tips on how to play tough courses well, or at least better than your playing partners.

Create Distance Through Conditioning

Golfers are obsessed with distance. Everyone wants to know how to hit the ball further. Some of the best ways to train yourself to hit the ball further is by working on and honing your primary fundamentals, such as posture, grip, and alignment, as well as creating a good understanding of what a sound golf swing should look like. This can all be accomplished by taking professional instruction from a PGA Coach. Another component to hitting the ball further is being able to learn how to increase the speed at which you swing the club. This is much easier said than done. For this, the combination of working with a PGA Coach, as well as a golf specific fitness coach, can help you in reaching your speed goals.

Fueling Your Game: The Need to Snack During a Round

The idea of golfers being athletes has become widely accepted in the Professional ranks, but maybe not as much in the amateur game. Regardless of how you see this idea, or what physical shape you or your golfing buddies are in, the fact remains that playing golf indeed requires these few things to be successful: flexibility, strength, endurance and stamina.

The Tiger Effect: How to Hit It Pure, Far & Consistent

30 years after his PGA Tour debut, soon to be Hall of Famer, Tiger Woods, is still the golfer that moves the needle in golf and is still the golfer that shines as an example of moving the golf ball with speed and power.

The Benefits of Walking the Golf Course

If a golf course does allow walking and has a layout to accommodate this mode of transportation, it is an absolutely fantastic way to play the game. If you have not recently threw a carry bag over your shoulder and hoofed your way around the links in some time, you should rediscover this more traditional way to play the game.

Bulking Up for Golf: The Good and Bad

Over the past 20 years, golf has seen a dramatic increase in the number of professionals starting to pay attention to fitness, nutrition, and other areas of wellness. In short, the modern golf professional has become an athlete. Is bulking up like Bryson Dechambeau to improve your game, really an avenue worth exploring?

More on the Man Who Made The Ace on No 16: Sam Ryder’s Journey Exemplifies Hard Work

With his ace on No. 16 at the Waste Management on Saturday, on one of the wildest stages in the game, Sam Ryder had a highlight that will be played over and over for many years to come. Sam’s back story is one that I also tell over and over again to the high school players that I coach. Ryder is what people would label a grinder. He found success a little later than other young golfers coming up. He has had an internal belief in his ability and has just continued to put his head down and put in the work.

The Best Pre-Round Stretching Routine is One Unique to You

As much as we talk about golf being largely a mental game, it is obvious that your body plays the biggest role in the actual playing of the sport. With any sport comes the risk of injury. Golf is no different in that respect. The positions and movements we put our bodies through to find some sense of success while hitting a golf ball with a full swing, or even down to setting up to practice and groove our putting stroke, can lead to potential physical issues. Especially after years and years of playing the game.

Cheers to You! The Importance of Hydration in Golf

Among the many things that the best of the best in golf do versus what the rest of us don’t do, staying hydrated during the course of a round, or practice session is one of them. Some may think that the call for staying hydrated may be over hyped, but you simply can’t dispute the effects that becoming dehydrated have on the body…

Breaking Through: Leona Maguire’s Keys to Success

This past weekend, Leona Maguire found her way into the winner’s circle for the first time in her LPGA Tour career, at the Drive On Championship. In doing so, she became the first woman from Ireland to win in the Tour’s history. I had the opportunity to chat with Leona about her win, got some insight on what she works on with her own game, and what she thinks you should concentrate on with yours…