Get Inspired by Your Putting

The putting green is a place that can cause frustration and disappointment for some but by following these tips, it can become a place that brings inspiration. Good putting is almost always the catalyst for a low round. Hitting greens is important for sure, but you have to make the putts in order to make the birdies.

Ashleigh Buhai Highlights the Keys to Putting in Windy Conditions

External factors, such as wind, can influence the ball on the putting green. Not only do you need to consider the effect the wind will have on the direction of the ball as you putt, but also the effect on speed when you putt.

Brooke Henderson Goes Low with Left Hand

Brooke Henderson is not alone in using the left hand, or lead-hand-low putting method as a way of improving both putting technique and overall confidence on the green. We see this method often as a way of helping countless professionals and amateur golfers alike.

What You Need to Know to Keep Your Game Sharp at 50 and Beyond

For many golfers that have long had dreams of playing at the highest level, age 50 can mean a new beginning. I even hate to call it “Senior Golf” anymore as 50 no longer seems to be a marker of one’s game getting over the hill…quite the contrary in many cases.

Get to Know the Grass: Putting for the Terrain

Like all successful professionals that notch victories, putting well is a theme that rings true for the vast majority. One of the big keys to being a great putter is having the ability to adjust to different green speeds. Beyond being able to figure out the speed, great putters can adjust to different grass types. The three main varieties we hear about are Bermuda, Bent, and Poa Annua.

3 Short Game Tips for Tackling Tough Greens

Augusta National affords us the opportunity each year to see the worlds best trying to maneuver their way around some of the trickiest green complexes in golf. Probably nowhere else do we get to see just how good the short game and putting is among the top players in golf. At the same time, it also exposes how the best can struggle just as much as we can on tricky greens. What can you take from watching the players in the field this week as they tackle the tricky and fast greens at Augusta National? The short answer is plenty.

Practice Like The Pros: How Jennifer Kupcho Sealed the Deal

In what always seems to be the case, week in and week out, putting is what seals the deal for the professionals of the game. That was definitely the case for Kupcho. It is estimated that 40% of all the shots taken during the course of a round is with the flat stick. The putter is by far the one, single club in your bag that gets the most use. What do the Professionals Practice on the Green?

Be Like Scottie: Change Up Your Putting

Scheffler hasn’t always been the best putter, but for the past few months he has really focused on his tempo, and more specifically, in his transition from the end of his backstroke and into his forward stroke. The drill that has helped him become more confident in his putting is simple. He places a quarter on the back of his putter blade and tries to keep it there during his transition. If it falls off, he knows that he got a little too quick.

A Key Pro Putting Stat You Can Achieve (With Practice)

That 30-putt stat for an 18-hole round is absolutely something most amateurs can achieve with a little work. In addition to putting in the practice time with the flat stick, how you pay attention and manage your putting game during a round is also key.

Gamify Your Short Game Practice

Making practice an activity that is fun, and challenging is the main reason golf coaches encourage playing practice games, instead of pounding golf balls aimlessly on the driving range. One of the benefits of gamification is that it provides feedback on performance in a positive and educational format. This Ten Hole Scoring Ability Game does just that…

Putting Practice Games That Lead to Big Gains: Part 2

Recently, I shared two great putting games that my good friend and fellow PGA Professional, Casey Bourque shared with me. In this post, I share one more great game you can use to spice up your putting practice..

Putting Games that Lead to Big Gains: Part 1

Playing good golf never happens by accident. There are countless things that go into being able to post a great score on the card. Many times, golfers tend to forget some of the little things…things that at the end of the day could be attributed to a stroke or two added to that final total.

Learn to Become a Hot Putter During the Cold of Winter

There are basically two areas in putting where people struggle: The direction their putt goes, and the distance it travels. In both these areas, there is one common thing that gets out of whack for most golfers and that’s not having good control of the clubface.

Back to the Basics: Strike a Pose in the Mirror to Improve Your Putting

With shorter days now here and winter’s cold breezes on the horizon, a large portion of the country is saying good night to the golf season. This doesn’t mean that your goals of getting better and the work you put in needs to stop. There is plenty that can be done, right in the comfort of your own home, to help keep you progressing on your journey to better.